CSV Parser

A high performance multi-threaded C++ CSV parser featuring iterators with no dependencies other than a C++17 compiler. Ready for Make/CMake.

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Auto Cost Calculator

A tool designed to help prospective car buyers compare cars, and determine whether or not to keep their current car.

Tools Used: React, TypeScript, Bootstrap

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Dots and Lines: A Survey of Graph Drawing Algorithms

Dots and Lines

An implementation of several graph drawing algorithms as part of my UCSB Math Senior Thesis.

Tools Used: LaTeX, C++11, Stanford Network Analysis Project (SNAP), Eigen, GNU Linear Programming Kit

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Data Visualization

US Commute Times Map

US Map

A visualization of American commute times

Tools Used: Postgres, Python, d3.js



SVG for C++

A library for creating SVG graphics from C++ applications

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js-toc: Table of Contents Generator

A library for automatically generating a table of contents from headers on a page. No special JavaScript libraries required to use.

Tools Used: TypeScript



A pile of abandoned software.

SQLite for C++

A memory-safe wrapper around the SQLite API for C++

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CSV Toolkit

A family of command line tools for working with CSV files