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Marcie Hutchinson: Grooming your kids

Have you ever heard the news, and had a thought like this:

Boys in the girls room? That's what happens in California! That would never happen in Mesa.
Unfortunately, you are wrong.

Just this August, the East Valley Tribune reported that Mesa Public Schools adopted a new "support plan" for "transgender and gender nonconforming" students. If a boy wants to go by "she/her", then not only does MPS force teachers and staff to use those pronouns, it also forces teachers to hide that from their parents.

Radical activists believe the solution to children identifying as another gender is to uncritically affirm them. Using a supposedly transgender child's pronouns is just a first step in transitioning, and activists refer to this as "social transitioning". Eventually, these vulernable children are pushed to take irreversible puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones (e.g. testosterone for girls). The "medical transition" is complete when the child undergoes surgical removal of their private parts, such as double masectomies, hysterectomies, as so on. These procedures have been referred to by the disturbing euphemism "gender-affirming care".

Marcie Hutchinson: A Mask Karen in our schools

In a society informed by science and reason, we should not adopt medical interventions that are unsupported by randomized controlled trials. There is a dearth of robust research showing that masks can stop COVID-19. Furthermore, randomized controlled trials on face masks (of varying types) have failed to show that they can stop other respiratory illnesses such as the common cold or flu.

On the contrary, the importance of seeing human faces for language learning is well-documented in our youngest. Furthermore, many parents of asthmatic children have reported face masks as aggravating their child's condition.

Marcie didn't care about these concerns when parents brought them up. Instead, she guilt-tripped them by referring to how her own personal fear of COVID-19 prevented her from holding a memorial for her father. She reitterated her psuedo-scientific belief in the non-existent power of masks to brush aside parents' legitimate concerns.

So what if your child isn't learning properly? Marcie's answer was to "get a shot, wear a mask" and to "play outside" in the 105 degree summer heat.

Marcie Hutchinson: Failing our kids

Under Marcie Hutchinson's tenure, English language arts scores haven't moved in inch. However, math scores have plummetted. In 2018, when Marcie first took over, 43% of MPS students at all grades passed their math assessments. However, in the most recent school year, that number dropped to 32%. Whatever she is doing simply isn't working.

Diversity of Failure

Marcie Hutchinson is one of those types who likes to talk a lot about "diversity and inclusion". Under Marcie's tenure, she has accomplished that goal as students of all backgrounds are included in the general trend of worsening academic performance. Test scores dropping

Marcie Hutchinson: Fighting against parents' right to choose

With public schools failing our students and focusing on perverse gender ideology, many parents have sought alternatives. Earlier this summer, Governor Ducey signed ground-breaking legislation that allowed parents to receive up to $7000 per student for private-school tuition, tutoring, special-needs therapy, and more.

However, teachers' unions saw this as a threat to their power and influence. Under the misleading banner of "Save Our Schools", anti-choice advocates attempted to get a ballot initiative to reverse progress on school choice. A dedicated group of Arizona parents mobilized under the banner "Decline to Sign" and prevented Slight our Students from accomplishing their goal.

Despite failing to get the necessary 110,000 signatures to qualify for the November election, SOS Arizona is not done. They have endorsed school board candidates, including Marcie Hutchinson, who will put the interests of teachers' unions over our kids. Furthermore, SOS Arizona candidates have promised to slavishly implement CDC guidelines, including harmful mask mandates.

Marcie Hutchinson: Loyal to her party, not your kids

Marcie Hutchinson was once a dedicated school teacher, serving students in Mesa Public Schools. She portrayed herself as a nonpartisan candidate, but her abrupt leftward turn has shocked many parents, including those who supported her.

With her pension as a retired teacher, she donated $1700 in 2020 to elect Joe Biden's lapdog, Mark Kelly, to the Senate. Marcie Hutchinson loves Mark Kelly Marcie Hutchinson loves Mark Kelly

Marcie Hutchinson is a devout Democrat party loyalist, not a neutral public servant.

We don't have to put up with this

On November 8, Save Mesa Public Schools by retiring Marcie

Vote for these two conservative fighters, who have been endorsed by the Republican Party of Arizona:

Rachel Walden www.electrachelwalden.com Instagram: @waldenpatriot
Edward Steele www.edsteeleformesa.com Twitter: @EdSteele4AZ

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Transgender Transition

  1. A UCSF roadmap describes the general stages of transitioning genders
  2. It is often claimed that puberty blockers are safe because they are used to treat conditions such as precocious puberty or used to treat prostate cancer in adults. However, there are little studies showing the long term effects using puberty blockers for the intent of blocking puberty in children with otherwise normal endocrine systems.



  1. In 2017, a meta-analysis filtered 2333 unique articles before using 6 RCTs and 23 observational studies in an attempt to summarize the literature on masks. The study found that N95s were useful in preventing clinical respiratory illnesses, but that even N95 masks had "no clear benefit" in protecting against H1N1. Furthermore, the study said "there is no evidence of protection" for cloth masks (against CRI, influenza-like illness, and SARS) and suggested they "might facilitate transmission of pathogens when used repeatedly without adequate sterilization".
  2. In 2015, a RCT of n=1607 health care workers in "high risk" wards in Hanoi, Vietnam compared cloth masks to medical masks. It "caution[ed] against the use of cloth masks" because "moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection".
  3. In 2009, a RCT of n=32 health care workers in Japan did not find surgical masks were effective in stopping common cold symptoms

Effects on Development

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